Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today was a sad day in our household. One of our cats has been losing weight and we thought it was just a phase, however she could not stand or walk this morning. I rushed her to the nearest vet and after $35 office fee, $90 for the blood work, another $50 to redo one of the tests "to be sure" we know that she is seriously anemic. Her red and white blood cell count are so low she could die in the next 24 hours unless we do a blood trans fusion. As this is our first pet emergency, we chose to do the transfusion that costs us a boat load of money. That was at 1 pm and it is now 9 pm and still no word on how she is doing. The chunk of change is for the operation and two days at the clinic to be watched. We are seriously hoping that she gets better not only for our hearts but our wallet as well. She is our little lap cat. She loves to sit in our laps and just sleep. She is a licker; she loves to lick our fingers while we pet her. Here's to hoping...

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