Thursday, May 6, 2010

Craftin' Soon

Finally classes ended today! This means a less stressed me, that is until I get word of our moving date. The Air Force is quite stubborn on giving us that information or approving it. However, until that date is given I do not have anything to do but scrap and craft!!

I am in desperate need to start and finish that 8x8 scrapbook that is to be given as a gift the end of June. Pictures are the motivation I need. Only 20+ photos to scrap individually. It will be great when its done, but until then... scrapbook room here I come.

I also put on a dress I made today and loved it, but need to alter it some since I made it in under 2 days. Sewing will be on my to do list as well.

I feel as though I should post the lovely blog I am loving. She is trying something new and doing great at it. It is my guru's site: You just have to go see it.

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