Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I went on this cool little road trip with my husband to Warner Robins Air Force Base for a banquet thing. This was all last week. I had to miss class Monday to Monday. I handed my written excuse to 3 out of 5 professors. One was out sick and the other ended class late and abrupt that I forgot to hand it to him. So when I remembered the next day, I emailed them a copy explaining that I would make up any work missed. One professor responded within the day and gave his understanding and congratulations. The other teacher however, has not yet responded and I leave for her class soon. I do not know what to expect. Does she even know I missed? Does she check her email and just not respond? Total bullshit. I hope she acceptes the printed copy of the dated email I sent originally.

Another issue is that I intended on asking a classmate for the assignments, but she removed me from her Facebook and is not returning emails. These assignments are also due today. What is up with this semester? I know I do not need it and am not performing my best, but this is unfair.

This semester is useless due to the fact that I am transferring yet again (ironically back to my original university.) But the way my luck goes, the day we make the decision is the last day to drop and I miss the deadline by 8 hours. 8 hours!!! I am not a person to waste money so I will finish the semester out. The truth is though, none of the classes will transfer. The requirements are crazy too! I will write 12 papers this semester. The longest being 8 pages ( I know that's not bad, but I am terrible with length) and shortest well approximately 3 pages. Each class has a research paper that will take time. Time I just do not feel motivated to give.

Thinking about all of this, is making me consider which class I can withdraw from. As far as I see it, as long as I do not withdraw from every class, I am not wasting money.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I did an Action Research project in my Master's program that ended up being over SEVENTY pages. And you know what's worse? I was a tool and didn't back it up onto my external harddrive...and its lost. So I did all that work and actually don't have a copy of it!!!!