Thursday, March 4, 2010

Over-worked meets Stressed out

What do you get when you put a over-worked husband and a under-motivated wife together?

You get no dinner! Ha!

I am so tired of school. I will say this a lot until my year long break begins. I go in to class yesterday prepared and motivated to get some answers as to why the professor will not return my emails. Low and behold she is out sick. She was out sick the last day before I left (I went on a trip to Georgia with my husband for an awards banquet in which he DIDN'T win.). I wasn't able to hand her my excuse note. I had all this stuff ready to go, so that I would not have any repercussions from missing a week of classes.

So, yesterday I had it all with me again. This time including my emails as proof. But since she wasn't there, no luck in getting that business done. I head home to work on more homework to be turned in to my next class three hours later. I play on Facebook and chat with some friends, working the whole time. Procrastination is the devil. All the while having a midterm the next morning (which I hadn't studied for yet).

Go to class, turn it in, get the next assignment, and go home. I beat my husband home again this week. OH yea! He is working twelve hour shifts, in which he gets home after 7:00. I do not feel like cooking dinner, because I am stressed about studying for that midterm. He does not feel like cooking because he has been working for the past twelve hours. Needless to say, we had scrambled eggs at 8:00 pm. Not a meal at all.

I am going to have to figure a cooking situation out or we are never going to eat!!

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